Which kingdoms did the new plant decrees affect?

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The Nueva Planta Decrees are a set of decrees promulgated between 1707 and 1716, by King Felipe V de Borbón, winner of the war of Spanish succession (1701-1715), by which the laws and institutions of the Kingdom of Valencia and the Kingdom of Aragon on June 29, 1707, of the Kingdom …

What do the New Plant Decrees establish?

These decrees established: The abolition of the privileges and the Courts of each kingdom. Henceforth it would be single Courts for the entire monarchy and also without binding power. The replacement of the Viceroy of the Habsburgs by a Captain General, in front of an Audience.

What does Philip V repeal in the Nueva Planta Decree?

Felipe V promulgated these New Plant Decrees by which the jurisdictions and institutions of the Crown of Aragon were repealed in two stages. … Then he repealed by successive decrees those of Mallorca in 1715 and those of the principality of Catalonia in 1716 after the defeat of these kingdoms.

What is the purpose of the New Plant Decrees?

The Nueva Planta Decrees aimed to organize Spain from absolutism and centralism, eliminating the pactist policy of the Habsburgs. … It was a measure with the purpose of allowing Castilian political personalities in Aragon.

How many New Plant Decrees were there?

The first New Plant Decree is dated June 9, 1707 and affects the Kingdoms of Aragon and Valencia. The last one is the Decree of January 16, 1716 concerning Catalonia.

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When were the New Plant Decrees?

Activities. Documents for the history of Europe. New Plant Decree (January 16, 1716)

What institution governed Catalonia before two Nova Planta Decrees?

Presided over by the Captain General, the Real Audiencia was not only the body for the administration of justice that replaced the Real Audiencia prior to the Nueva Planta, but also had governmental functions, constituting together with the captain general –when he exercised that function– the Royal Agreement, which was the institution…

What does a supreme decree mean?

Supreme Decrees A decree is a type of administrative act usually emanating from the executive power and that generally has a normative regulatory content, for which its rank is hierarchically lower than the laws. Laws The law is a legal norm dictated by the legislator.

What dynasty reigned in Spain when the Nueva Planta Decrees were enacted?

The Bourbon dynasty. The Nueva Planta Decrees, approved in 1707 for the kingdoms of Aragon and Valencia and in 1716 for Catalonia and Mallorca, meant the abolition of the fueros of those territories, that is, of their own laws and institutions, being replaced by the Castilian ones.

What is the Salic Law in Spain?

In 1713 he imposed the Salic Law and in this way the infantas could only accede to the throne of Spain if there were no male heirs in the succession order of the crown. … According to these rules, the man has preference over the woman to accede to the throne of Spain.

Who was the author of the first new plant decree?

Its author is individual, Felipe V de Borbón, grandson of Luis XIV and king of Spain by right of succession after the death of Carlos II in 1700 and after waging the war of succession between 1700-1713 against Carlos de Habsburgo archduke of Austria.

What happened on June 29, 1707?

On June 29, 1707, Felipe V de Borbón imposed the New Plant Decree on the Kingdom of Aragon for the first time, which in practice eliminated all the institutions, positions and privileges of Aragon, becoming one more province of the monarchy governed by the laws of Castile.

What event gave rise to the reforms introduced with the New Plant Decrees for the Crown of Aragon?

After the battle of Almansa, the kingdom of Aragon —and that of Valencia— was conquered by the Bourbon armies and when the first decree of Nueva Planta was promulgated, it lost its own laws and institutions, ceasing to exist as a state of the Hispanic composite monarchy.

What is a national decree?

It is the one issued by the President when a law of the National Congress authorizes it. The law can delegate legislative functions to the President in matters of public administration and public emergency and must establish the term to exercise that right and the guidelines within which he can act.

What were King Philip’s reforms?

Felipe V will reorganize the army according to the French model of brigades, regiments, battalions, companies and squads. Similarly, he will build new shipyards and ships to modernize the Spanish navy, which will dominate the Atlantic and the western Mediterranean, despite British control of Gilbraltar and Menorca.

What was the cause of the war of succession?

The war originated from the death of Charles II of Spain, who left no offspring and proposed, under his will, that the heir to the throne be Felipe de Borbón, grandson of Louis XIV, at the time King of France.

What Spanish politician promoted the return of the Bourbons?

Canovas del Castillo. 7. Which politician promoted the return of the Bourbons to the throne of Spain in 1875? Canovas del Castillo.

What dynasty was dethroned in Spain by the Glorious Revolution?

4. Which dynasty was dethroned in Spain by the Glorious Revolution? The Bourbons.

What monarch begins to reign in Spain the House of Bourbon at the beginning of the 18th century?

THE REFORMISM OF THE FIRST BOURBONS (1700-1788). 2. With which monarch did the House of Bourbon begin to reign in Spain at the beginning of the 18th century? Philip v.

What is a decree synonyms?

1 decision, resolution, determination, opinion. Example: The president’s decree was favorable to the opposition. Mandate or order: 2 mandate, order, edict, side, precept, provision.

What is an Emergency Decree?

The Emergency Decree or Economic Emergency Decree is the one that can be issued by the President of the Republic, with the signature of all his ministers, to decree payments not authorized by law, to meet urgent needs derived from the following constitutional causes: public calamities , from …

What is an Ordinary Decree?

It is the set of norms issued by the Congress of the Republic, in exercise of the constitutional powers of which it is the holder; or those promulgated by the President of the Republic, based on the granting of extraordinary powers by the legislator or in development of the regulatory power…

What did the New Plant Decrees mean for Catalonia?

These decrees were the final touch of the Hispanic polysynodia, a system of government in Spain established in the time of the Catholic Monarchs and based on respect for the legal traditions of each territory of the Crown, and characterized by the creation of the Councils , although it would not disappear until the …

What is an administrative decree?

A decree is a type of administrative act, generally regulatory content, which comes from the decision of an authority in a matter of its competence, and therefore is imposed vertically.

Who was Philip V of Spain?

Felipe V of Spain, called “el Animoso” (Versailles, France, December 19, 1683-Madrid, Spain, July 9, 1746), was King of Spain from November 16, 1700 until his death in 1746, with a brief interruption (between January 16 and September 5, 1724) due to the abdication of …