What is the real name of Maricruz Olivares?

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Maricruz Olivares (Ana Brenda Contreras) is a beautiful, humble and illiterate young woman who lives with Don Ramiro (Ignacio López Tarso), her maternal grandfather, and with Soledad “Solita” (Gaby Mellado), her deaf sister, whom Ramiro found abandoned while being baby.

What is Octavio Narváez’s name in real life?

Actor Daniel Arenas, known for his role as Octavio Narváez in the successful novel ‘Corazón Indomable’, offered an intimate interview to the program ‘Domingo al Día’, in which he talked about the love story that his character lives with Maricruz, a role by Brenda Contreras.

What is the name of Maricruz’s daughter in real life?

Maricruz or María Alejandra Mendoza from the telenovela Corazón Indomable because of the love she felt for Octavio got married and had a daughter, whom she called Lupita, and affectionately calls her “shaggy huerquilla”.

Where does Maricruz Olivares live?

He lives in a shack near the borders of the Narváez ranch.

Where was the novel of Indomitable Heart recorded?

Wild Heart. , is a Mexican telenovela, its recordings that take place in Gómez Farías, Tamaulipas on January 16, The novella was released on February 25, 2013.

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What about the Maricruz ranch?

The Maricruz ranch was declared a mine zone. Maricruz will have to leave the ranch in less than a year, so Simona finds out what happened and celebrates with Miguel. Octavio cares a lot about her and is going to offer her support.

What is the name of the girl that appears in Indomitable Heart?

Synopsis. Maricruz Olivares (Ana Brenda Contreras) is a beautiful, humble and illiterate young woman who lives with Don Ramiro (Ignacio López Tarso), her maternal grandfather, and with Soledad “Solita” (Gaby Mellado), her deaf sister, whom Ramiro found abandoned while being baby.

What is the name of the boy with the Indomitable Heart?

This Televisa production managed to captivate millions of viewers with the passionate love story between ‘Maricruz’ and ‘Octavio’ and the endearing characters that supported them, such as little ‘Miguelito Narváez’, played by the talented child actor Diego Escalona.

What is the name of the actress of Indomitable Heart alone?

In the telenovela “Corazón Indomable” the actress Gaby Mellado plays the character Solita, a mute deaf girl who has grown up with Maricruz as if she were her sister, she was abandoned by her real mother. To give credibility to the character, Gaby has had sign language classes for the deaf.

What is the name of Ophelia of Indomitable Heart in real life?

Yulianna Peniche as Ofelia

Another evil one who joins Lucía to make Maricruz cry.

What happened to Simona in Indomitable Heart?

Simona is slowly losing her memory because she fell off the horse, which caused a brain tumor. This wonderful actress has undergone a makeover while filming the telenovela, cutting her hair.

How many children does Ana Brenda have?

Then Ana Brenda was dating the Spanish actor and producer Iván Sánchez, who had divorced Elia Galera and with whom he has two daughters, Jimena and Olivia.

Who is Iliana Gaytan?

Ileana Ivett Gaytan Duque – Platform Coordinator – Banco General | LinkedIn.

What is the name of Octavio’s friend in Indomitable Heart?

As the actor Ricardo Franco (air pilot), Daniel Arenas, who gives life to the character of Octavio Narváez, Carlos de la Mota as Prince Karim and Juan Ángel Esparza who acts as José Antonio, inseparable friend and pawn of Maricruz.

Who plays Lupita in Indomitable Heart?

Indomitable Heart premiered in 2013 with the performances of Ana Brenda Contreras and Daniel Arenas; however, one of the characters that touched the public was that of ‘Lupita’, which was carried out by little Ámbar Luz.

When was the novel La indomable recorded?

Monday to Friday 6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. La indomable is a Mexican telenovela directed by Beatriz Sheridan, produced by Julissa for the Televisa network, It was shown on El Canal de las Estrellas between April 27 and September 18, 1987.

What happens to Simona’s son in Indomitable Heart?

Octavio finds out that his son is missing and he knows that the cause is Simona, so he will insist on finding out the location of his little one. In addition, Octavio provides his brother Miguel with legal power to widely administer the La Simona ranch.

What illness does Ana Brenda have?

The actress has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS or IBS for its acronym in English). “Many ask me about the subject and why I don’t live muddy on red carpets, plus I don’t feel like it. Even so, having a crisis I have to work and the ‘You are pregnant’ is not always missing, ”she wrote.

How does Simona end?

But the best came at the end, when Simona (Torres) surprised Dante at a Funking Beaters consecration show, in a new band contest, and decided to stay with him to tour different parts of the world together and continue writing more about this love, which was already marked in the hearts of all …

How does Octavio’s brother die in Indomitable Heart?

Chapter 91: Nazario murders Miguel Narváez. Nazario seeks revenge on Miguel on behalf of his brother Eusebio and kills him without remorse, while Simona asks Octavio for a divorce and he decides to go in search of Maricruz and her daughter to the c…