What is the maximum load weight of a trailer in Mexico?

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The maximum gross weight allowed for this type of “ET Double Articulated” vehicles on road type “A” must not exceed 66.5 tons; being able to add 1.5 tons to each axle with a special permit; maintaining a maximum speed of 80 km/h or less if the speed limit of the …

How much weight can a trailer bed support?

As for trailers, if the motor vehicle and the semi-trailer both have two axles, the maximum permitted load will be 36 tons. If the tractor has twin wheels with air suspension and the semi-trailer a wheelbase of more than 1.80 m, this figure would rise to 38 tons.

How many kilos can a cargo truck carry?

As you may know, when it comes to trucks, you usually have a choice between light or heavy vehicles. While a light-duty truck can only carry up to 7,000 kilos, heavy-duty trucks exceed 26,000 kilos.

How much is the maximum weight of a truck?

02.04.2003 of the Ministry of Public Works, may, through a well-founded resolution, establish maximum weight limits greater than 45 Tons in the Total Gross Weight of vehicles, for circulation on specific public roads or sections thereof, in which there are no structures with load limitation and …

How many bales fit a trailer?

In this way, in the trailers they can form rows of two or three pallets, adding in both cases 240 centimeters wide. Thus, in the most used trailers, these rows are combined to reach 33 pallets per trailer.

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How much does a trailer weigh without load?

How much does a trailer weigh without load? For trailers where the motor vehicle has two axles and the semi-trailer as well, it will be 36 tons. If the tractor has twin wheels, with pneumatic suspension and a semi-trailer with a wheelbase of more than 1.80 m, the GVW will be 38 tons.

How many tons can a truck carry?

The double articulated vehicles will be able to transport up to 66.5 tons of cargo; The measure will give highway users more security and will facilitate highway supervision.

How many tons does a 600 truck carry?

A Ford 600 brand vehicle, dump type with 6 tons of load capacity, corresponds to category P3.

How much weight can a 53 foot box support?


PROPAR type axle with a capacity of 30,000 Lbs, 77.5 track made of 5” tube, ¾” caliber wall, grease lubricated.

How many tons does a gondola carry?

Low loader trucks are designed for heavy and large transport. For this reason, a gondola truck can transport loads of up to 40 tons, 16 meters long, three and a half meters high and four meters wide.

What vehicles must go through the scale?

Cargo transport vehicles registered as of January 1, 2013, must submit to the control of the Gross Vehicle Weight on the scale, which will be done taking as a maximum limit, the one established by the manufacturer in the Homologation Technical Sheet.

How to calculate the axle weight of a truck?

Go to a certified scale before the vehicle is loaded and weigh each axle separately. This will tell you what the axle load is when the vehicle is empty. Use a calculator to subtract the empty weight of each axle from the maximum load allowed for each.

How many tons does a torton truck carry?

Tortón truck: It has a greater load capacity and greater driving power. Like the tandem truck, it has three cargo axles, but its two rear axles have motor drive or double differential joined by an inter. Its load capacity is 16 to 20 tons.

How much can a truck load out?

In vehicles intended for the transport of goods such as trucks, with a maximum length of more than 5 meters, a load of indivisible length may protrude a maximum of 3 meters from the rear of the vehicle and 2 meters from the front.

How many tons does a 53 foot trailer load?

The permissible weight directly depends on the size and manufacture of the trailer, but in the case of standards, the maximum load of 24 tons is allowed.

How much does a trailer weigh in kg?

We could summarize them as follows: For 2-axle trucks, the maximum weight is 18 thousand kilograms. For its part, in 3-axle trucks this limit is raised to 25 tons.

Approximately how much does a truck weigh?

In total for a normal formation of vehicles: 45 tons; • For coupled or coupled truck considered individually: 30 tons.

How many bales of alfalfa fit a truck?

21 small bales make up a large one.

Transport comfort and easy handling.

How much does a 3-strand alfalfa bale weigh?

Average weight: 750 kg per bale.

How many platforms fit a Rabon?

Up to 30m3 / up to 10 standard pallets.

What is a cargo gondola?

The gondola is a trailer-type platform, which is used to transport this type of cargo, such as machinery, containers, trucks, tractors… Logística Gens has the latest technological advances in the road transport sector, such as the Gondola porta- buses, extendable up to 16.5 m.

How much does a 30 meter gondola weigh?

– Volumetric capacity: 30 cubic meters. – Load capacity: 30,000 to 40,000 kilograms. – Dimensions: Width: 2.50 meters, Height: 3.00 meters, Length: 9.0 meters, Weight: 7,800 kilograms.