What is the educational support and assistance staff?

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The PAE covers a wide range of staff at all levels of education, from early childhood to higher education, such as librarians, custodians, teaching assistants, language support staff indigenous people, school nurses, workers at…

What is the education support staff?

Educational support staff encompasses a wide range of professional, administrative, technical and general staff working in the education sector. … Educational support staff are critical to delivering quality education and ensuring a safe and positive learning environment.

Who is the support staff?

Support staff encompass a wide range of positions in schools, such as administrative staff, laboratory technicians, maintenance staff, librarians or people who provide food for students.

Who are the people who work at the school?

who works at the school

  • The guardian or tutor. …
  • specialist teachers. …
  • PT: Specialist in Therapeutic Pedagogy. …
  • AL: Hearing and Language Specialist. …
  • Counselor or counselor. …
  • Technical Professor of Community Services: PTSC. …
  • Educational technical assistant: ATE. …
  • Physiotherapist.

When is Support Staff Day?

Education International designated May 16 each year as the day to celebrate Education Support Staff (EAP).

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What is a support professional?

A direct support professional helps people lead self-directed lives, assists with activities of daily living, and promotes inclusion in the community. They can support a person at home, work, school, church, etc.

What does PAAE mean?

Educational Support and Assistance Personnel (PAAE)

What is personal education?

Educational personnel can be organized into four functional categories based on their primary or fundamental functions. The classification is: 1) teaching staff; 2) professional support for students; 3) management/quality control/administration; and 4) maintenance and operations personnel.

What is the role of education?

Education is one of the factors that most influences the advancement and progress of people and societies. In addition to providing knowledge, education enriches culture, spirit, values ​​and everything that characterizes us as human beings. Education is necessary in every way.

What is the pas in education?

In public centers, the Administrative and Services Personnel (PAS) includes all the professionals who provide general services in the centers: administrative: they carry out administrative tasks of different degrees (administrative, administrative officers and assistants, mayors or telephone operators)

What is seniority in teaching service?

– The incentive for seniority, is the recognition granted by this unit, to the Education Support and Assistance Personnel of the Institutional Catalog of Positions, as well as of the Approved Subsystems of Higher Secondary and Higher Education that proves seniority for 10, 15, 20 , 35 and 45 years of effective service…

What is the 2021 Rafael Ramírez Master Award?


It is a recognition made by the Federal Executive to the work of teachers who have perseveringly and distinguishedly provided 30 years of service to the Ministry of Public Education. The award consists of a silver medal, financial stimulus and a certificate of recognition.

What is the main role of the support professional?

Accompany the processes, carry out work plans, participate in the design of methodological and didactic proposals for teaching and learning, accompany and advise classroom teachers, socialize care routes, among other functions, these professionals will assume in the establishments that report the …

What does professional title mean?

The position or occupation is the set of work tasks determined by the development of technique, technology and the division of labor. understands the job function of the worker and the limits of his competence. Generally, the title of position is used for technicians and managers.

What is the role of a lead support teacher?

Lead support teachers: they are the teachers who develop their academic assignment through pedagogical projects and other academic support activities for the comprehensive training of students, related to orientation and school coexistence; the strengthening of mathematical skills, …

What is the role of administrative staff in the school?

Duties of an administrative assistant in a school

Coordinate administrative processes. They manage budgets, logistics, events and policies. Resolve conflicts or any inconvenience that arises. Educate, advise and supervise the evaluation.

What are the functions of teaching directors?

TEACHING DIRECTORS: Those who carry out the activities of management, planning, coordination, administration, orientation and programming in educational institutions are called teaching directors, and are responsible for the functioning of the school organization.

What is the Maestro Altamirano Award?

The “Maestro Altamirano” Award was created by the Government of the Republic, through a Decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, on March 16, 1940, through the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), to distinguish and reward the personnel at the central level and in the entities.

What are the benefits of teachers?

Teachers who work in the public sector have the right to 18 labor benefits that range from allowances, bonuses, special bonuses, transportation expenses, school supplies, end-of-year support and for the payment of teaching materials, to additional bonuses that increase their base salary, but there is a…

When did the Professional Teaching Service come into force?

It is based on the General Law of the Professional Teaching Service that was published on September 11, 2013 in the DOF, which establishes the criteria, terms and conditions for Admission, Promotion, Recognition and Permanence in the Service.

When do they pay a bonus to teachers 2021?

The 2021 bonus must be delivered before December 20. In government entities, a part will be delivered in the first fortnight of November. Thus, workers will be able to have this benefit during the Good End.

When do they pay the bonus to Issste 2021 pensioners?

When do they pay the bonus to ISSSTE 2021 pensioners? The second part of the bonus will be deposited starting next Monday, November 29.

When do they deposit the Christmas bonus to IMSS 2021 pensioners?

With the intention that people take advantage of the Good End, it will be delivered from November 11 to the 17 of the same month.

When do they pay Christmas bonus 2021?

This benefit is paid in December to those who have the quality of pensioners and pensioners of the IPS, DIPRECA and CAPREDENA, of the Institute of Labor Security and of the Mutual Societies of Employers of the Law of Work Accidents (No. 16,744), as of November 30 of the year 2021.

When is the General Law of the Professional Teaching Service repealed?

XVII. – (It is repealed). SECOND ARTICLE. – The General Law of the Professional Teaching Service, issued by means of a decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on September 11, 2013, is abrogated.