What is alveolar polycarbonate?

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Alveolar Polycarbonate sheets are composed of air chambers, which provide translucency, high resistance and very low weight. Ideal for ceiling covers and separate environments.

What is alveolar polycarbonate?

Alveolar polycarbonate is a hard, resistant, light, durable and easily moldable thermoplastic, which is used as a lining for roofs, walls and roofs. It can be installed on different types of structures: wood, metal and aluminum.

What thickness of polycarbonate for roofs?

Alveolar Polycarbonate plate thicknesses

The thicknesses are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16mm. If it is for a ceiling: 6 mm and above is always recommended.

How to install an alveolar polycarbonate roof?

HOW TO INSTALL? Alveolar polycarbonate should not be perforated as it does not allow expansion and can be damaged, generating leaks and accumulation of dirt inside. Its correct installation is floating, since the only thing that is fixed to the seaboards are the profiles that go in their joints and edges.

What size does polycarbonate come in?

The measurements of alveolar polycarbonate sheets are: 1.05×2.9. 2.1X2.9. 2.1X5.8.

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How much is polycarbonate worth?

Cellular Polycarbonate Sheets 6mm $165m2.

How much does a polycarbonate plate cost?

The price of each plate (it is in promotional price) is $4913.29 + VAT.

Which side of the polycarbonate goes up?

The side that has a film that says “face with UV protection” goes up. Once the plates are installed, the protective polyethylene film must be immediately removed from the upper part of the panel without allowing it to stick with the sun.

How to seal a polycarbonate roof?

It is recommended that aluminum or steel (slab) and a dry gasket sealant be used in the joints with the structure. It is necessary to seal the alveoli or holes in the upper part and for this, waterproof aluminum tape is widely used, which prevents the entry of dust, water or insects.

What screw is used for polycarbonate?

screw with washer

To fix the polycarbonate you have to use a self-drilling screw, which can go through the plate, but it is also very important that it has a rubber grommet that seals to prevent leaks, and another made of galvanized metal to increase the protection of the roof.

What is the strongest polycarbonate?

Transparent polycarbonate is made up of Bisphenol-A molecules bonded with carbonate groups. The impact resistance (200 times greater than that of glass) occurs in the alveolar or cellular sheets.

What is better than polycarbonate?

Methacrylate is more rigid, brighter, more transparent, with a greater range of colors and cheaper than polycarbonate. Its drawbacks are that it cracks and weakens on impact.

What is a polycarbonate plate?

What are polycarbonate plates? … Polycarbonate is a technopolymer, a translucent or transparent insulating material, very malleable when cold and very resistant to impacts, and yet very light, which makes it perfect for transport.

What is polycarbonate and what is it used for?

Polycarbonate is a synthetic material with excellent properties, light, resistant, energy-saving, safe and widely used in civil construction. This thermoplastic polymer obtained from carbonic acid is used to manufacture sheets or panels to replace glass or crystal.

How to know what polycarbonate is?

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic with very interesting properties in terms of impact resistance, heat resistance and optical transparency, in such a way that the material has strongly penetrated the market in a variety of functions.

How is polycarbonate glued?

Find the right polycarbonate glue

And if you are looking for a professional finish, try Nural 92 from Pattex, a two-component glue that will help you join, seal and fill breaks in polycarbonate and other plastic objects, such as remote controls, refrigerator drawers and many other household objects. .

What is better polycarbonate or glass roof?

strong and light

Both glass and polycarbonate are resistant materials, the difference is that polycarbonate is lighter than glass, so installation is easier and there is less risk of impact damage.

What is cheaper polycarbonate or glass?

Polycarbonate can be a good alternative to glass as it is often cheaper, lighter and more durable. And, in addition, it has many other uses.

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