What does tpack refer to specifically?

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Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK): TPACK refers to the knowledge that a teacher has about how to coordinate the use of specific activities of the subjects or activities on specific topics (TA), doing it with representations on specific topics, using ICT for fa- …

How many groups of knowledge does the TPACK group together?

There are three main dimensions proposed by the TPACK model: technological knowledge (TK, Technological Knowledge); Pedagogical Knowledge (PK); and disciplinary knowledge (CK, Content Knowledge).

What integrates the TPACK?

Technology, pedagogy and knowledge: this is the TPACK method

Koehler, and is based on the combination of three variables in which each teacher must be trained: technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and content knowledge.

What is technological content knowledge?

Technological content knowledge (TCK): represents the knowledge that allows us to understand how technology and mathematical content influence each other.

What is subject content knowledge?

The concept of pedagogical content knowledge refers to the ways in which teachers understand and represent disciplinary topics to students.

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What are the components of the CDC?

For these authors, the CDC is an integrated knowledge of the following components: • Guidelines for teaching science; • Knowledge of the curriculum; • Knowledge of students; • Knowledge about evaluation; • Knowledge about instructional strategies.

What is general didactic knowledge?

Morale (Coord). Didactics. Theory and practice of teaching. Madrid.

What is TPACK?

The model is called Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge, which is based on the idea formulated by Shulman (1986) on the analysis of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK); in which he mentions that teachers must have knowledge …

What are the technological knowledge?

The Technological and Pedagogical Knowledge of Content (TPACK) is an emerging form of knowledge that goes beyond the three core components (Content, pedagogy and technology); refers to the understanding that arises from the interaction between content knowledge, pedagogy and technology.

What is the TPACK PDF model?

The TPACK model describes the knowledge that teachers need during the planning, organization and execution of practices Page 5 Entreciencias: Dialogues in the Knowledge Society, 2019, vol. 7, no. 19, April-July, ISSN: 2007-8064 PDF generated from XML-JATS4R by Redalyc Academic project without …

What are the technological and pedagogical knowledge of the TPACK content)?

The TPACK framework for teacher knowledge is described in detail as a complex interaction between three bodies of knowledge: content to be taught, pedagogical, and technological. … This framework builds on Lee Shilman’s (1986, 1987) construct of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) to include technology knowledge.

Why is the TPACK model important?

The tpack model allows us to identify the aspects that influence the development of the educational practice, the understanding of the factors on learning and the creation of school activities through digital tools (Blackwell, Lauricella and Wartella, 2016).

What is pedagogical knowledge?

Pedagogical Knowledge is knowledge about education, as old as philosophical knowledge, with which it shares two basic attitudes: foundation and criticism. … Educating are social and cultural processes.

What is scientific and technological knowledge?

Available scientific and technological knowledge is understood as: the creation of concepts or deepening and specification of them, the proposal of procedures, the generation of models or the deepening of a field of Page 2 CENTER FOR OPINION STUDIES FACULTY OF SOCIAL AND HUMAN SCIENCES FROM …

What is Wikipedia technological knowledge?

Technology can be knowledge of techniques, processes, and the like, or it can be embedded in machines to enable them to function without detailed knowledge of how they work. … The interdisciplinary field of science, technology, and society studies encompasses such cultural, ethical, and political effects.

What is technical and technological knowledge?

The purpose of technical knowledge is to solve problems through the use or adaptation of human tools to modify reality, all with a predetermined practical purpose. Techniques are the object of study of technology, and are one of the main allies of science.

What is the TPACK pedagogical model and what is its objective?

TPACK is the acronym for the expression “Technological PedAgogical Content Knowledge”. It is a model that identifies the types of knowledge that a teacher needs to master in order to integrate ICT effectively in the teaching that she teaches.

Why is didactic knowledge important?

The didactic knowledge of the subject is the category that most likely allows us to distinguish between the understanding of the specialist in an area of ​​knowledge and the understanding of the pedagogue (p. 8).

What is pedagogical content knowledge and scientific knowledge?

That is, CDC is the construct where content knowledge, context knowledge, and general didactic knowledge are interrelated to think of them in a particular content for a particular group of students, in a particular context.

What is educational content?

The didactic or educational contents are the knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes that students must acquire during the teaching-learning process.

How does a teacher know the subject he teaches?

Pedagogical Content Knowledge is built from the knowledge of the content that the teacher possesses, as well as the general pedagogical knowledge, the knowledge of the students (Gudmundsdottir and Shulman, 1987), and is also a consequence of the teacher’s own personal and professional biography. teacher (Butt, …

How do you acquire control of the contents?

n Acquisition of knowledge about the discipline and its didactics. … Thus conceived, mastery of school content by teachers consists of the sum of an academic mastery (knowing what is taught) and a methodological mastery (knowing how it is taught).

How does the content of teaching originate?

The content of the teaching includes the knowledge expressed in concepts, theories, laws; the creative activity of the student; the norms of relationship with the world that it must appropriate; values, skills and habits.

How is pedagogical knowledge constructed?

Pedagogical knowledge arises from a triple relationship of approaches such as pedagogical practice, reflection and the teaching role, where practice is constituted in everyday life and reflection is a tool to found the pedagogical relationship between theory, practice and teaching. the experience.

What elements are considered for the production of a new pedagogical knowledge?

This knowledge is conceived as an articulating axis that is crystallized through the interaction of four key elements: the role of beliefs about teaching and learning, the understanding and development of pedagogical content knowledge, the intentional link between theory and practice and the …