What do the socio-cultural conditions of the environment refer to?

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The sociocultural environment, the result of the interaction between personal and institutional characteristics, is made up of physical and human elements. It is the set of complex and interrelated material and psychosociocultural conditions that make up institutional life at a given moment.

What does sociocultural context mean?

The society-individual relationship takes shape in a sociocultural context in which each subject receives social influences in a singular and simultaneous way, it is also where man acts individually or collectively, reflecting the most general social aspects.

What are sociocultural elements?


It refers to any process or phenomenon related to the social and cultural aspects of a human group. It refers to how people interact with each other, with the environment and with societies.

What is the social and cultural environment?

The environment is a system made up of natural and artificial elements that are interrelated and that are modified by human action. It is the environment that conditions the way of life of society and that includes natural, social and cultural values ​​that exist in a given place and time.

What are the socio-cultural characteristics?

The sociocultural concept refers to the social and cultural phenomena of a society. The sociocultural aspects of a society are always linked to traditions and lifestyle. … Sociocultural traits define and represent the way in which a society is organized.

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What is a sociocultural study?

Sociocultural studies constitute an interdisciplinary research field that allows the construction of general theories that allow critically articulating various scenarios of social life by incorporating the global approach to explain cultural processes as a perspective …

What is the social environment?

The social environment or also called social environment, is made up of the conditions of a person. … Factors such as living and working conditions, the studies that the person has completed. Income level and the community where you live influence your social environment and therefore your health.

What was the sociocultural environment?

The sociocultural environment, the result of the interaction between personal and institutional characteristics, is made up of physical and human elements. It is the set of complex and interrelated material and psychosociocultural conditions that make up institutional life at a given moment.

How are culture and environment related?

The culture of the peoples, reflected in the relationships between people and between society and nature, directly influences environmental deterioration and its conservation. So culture and environment are closely related and interdependent.

What are the elements of sociocultural nature?

As for the sociocultural, it refers to that produced by man; for example, cities, the culture of a people, their customs and their beliefs, which are the result of human society, and are also part of the environment.

What are the examples sociocultural values?

1- Socio-cultural values: Socio-cultural values ​​are principles that govern the actions of the individual in society, such as honesty, responsibility, cooperation, trust, respect, etc.

How is the social context defined?

The social context is the set of circumstances that frame a situation that affects one or more individuals. The same event can occur in one environment or another and your analysis and evaluation will change depending on what it is.

How does the sociocultural context influence the teaching-learning process?

The social context constitutes the environment in which the educational fact that influences and has a powerful impact on development takes place and takes place. … Linking schools with their environment is an important factor for educational quality and innovation.

What is the context of culture?

The cultural context refers to the values, customs and beliefs of a social group that influence a given event. … In the cultural context of the native peoples of America we find the belief that the earth is a living being that must be respected and protected.

What is the cultural environment?

Cultural Environments: Meaning: they are natural environments made up of everything that has not been created or modified by human beings. Types: … Urban environment is one in which commercial, industrial and service activities predominate.

What is the social environment according to authors?

The social environment represents a series of elements that refer to the environment in which the individual develops (social and cultural), which have an influence on their behavior since they are part of their customs and ways of life (Dávila and Martínez , 1999).

What are the types of environment?

2. ENVIRONMENT • It is all that political, social, commercial, spiritual activity that involves a determined group in time and place. The environment is “society” and what revolves around it: commerce, laws, religion, hobbies, population, industry, environment.

What is social environment examples?

There are different types of social environment. The social environment or social environment is made up of the conditions in which a person lives. … During their first years, it will be this environment that marks the characteristics of their living conditions, although later it can be extended.

How is the social environment constructed?

The social environment of a subject is formed by their living and working conditions, the studies they have completed, their income level and the community of which they are a part. … The social environment influences the living conditions of a person.

What is the private social environment?

defines as “an area surrounding an individual, where another person cannot enter without authorization” (p. 313).

What are the types of cultural activities?

Types of cultural events (examples)

  • Introduction.
  • artistic shows.
  • Concerts.
  • Inauguration of cultural centers.
  • Cultural events.
  • Presentation of works (paintings, sculptures, etc.)
  • festivals or carnivals.
  • Artistic exhibitions.

What are the social activities?

Social activities stimulate the brain and keep neurons active, whether it’s playing bingo, chatting with friends, going shopping, painting, etc… … Social activities help give a sense of purpose, whether it’s just the routine of have a time and a place to be.

What are the artistic and cultural activities?

Artistic activities are those carried out by the human being in order to communicate through aesthetics, leaving aside the criteria of minimal expression that other forms of communication such as language have. For example: architecture, theater, narrative, digital art.

What is the personal context?

personal context.

Therefore, it refers to aspects such as the activity being carried out (working, reading, playing sports), state of mind (what is called “mood” in English), physical circumstances (if you have your own means of transport, if you go very warm or little).