What do temporary curricular adaptations refer to?

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They are all those adjustments or modifications that are made in the different elements of the educational proposal developed for a student in order to respond to their specific needs for educational support (neae) and that cannot be shared by the rest of their classmates.

What are individual curricular accommodations?

An Individual Curriculum Adaptation (ACI) is, in short, a program for a single student, with the same objective as group programming. It is based on a previous psychopedagogical evaluation and plans the educational response to respond to their needs from the common curriculum for all.

How to make curricular adaptations?

For the implementation of this type of adaptation, a written document must be drawn up that will contain at least 4 sections:

  1. Personal and school data of the student.
  2. Report or assessment of the student’s curricular competence.
  3. Delimitation of the special educational needs of the student.

What are the Ecuador curricular adaptations?

Curriculum adaptation is a term closely tied to special educational needs. Understanding special educational needs as the set of pedagogical measures that we apply to compensate for the difficulties that some students present in the ordinary school curriculum (Margaret, 1993).

Who has to make the curricular adaptations?

This curricular adaptation is prepared by the Pedagogical Coordination Technical Team with the participation of the entire team of teachers of the stage, cycle and department. It is approved by the School Council of the Center and supervised by the Educational Administration (Inspection Team).

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What is the purpose of curricular adaptations?

Curricular adaptations are educational strategies to facilitate the teaching-learning process in some students with specific educational needs. … On the one hand, it is a strategy for planning and teaching action to respond to the needs of each student.

Who prepares the individualized curricular adaptation?

The Individualized Curriculum Adaptation is designed, at least annually, for each of the students with special educational needs. It is developed by teachers and other professionals who work with these students, by parents and, in some cases, by the students themselves.

What are curricular accommodations in special education?

Curricular adaptations are all those adjustments or modifications that are made in the different elements of the educational proposal developed for a student, in order to respond to their special educational needs.

What are curricular adaptations for children with SEN?

Curricular adaptations are the set of modifications that are made in the contents, achievement indicators, activities, methodology and evaluation to address the difficulties that children face in the context in which they operate.

What curricular adaptations should be made for children with special educational needs?


  • Review the diagnostic evaluation, Neuropsychological.
  • Pedagogical report.
  • Psychopedagogical evaluation (educational counselor).
  • Reading and analysis of skills.

How many phases does the process for curricular adaptation have?

We can analyze three levels of curricular adaptation that are, of course, closely related to the levels of specification described above. In general, these three levels are spoken of: 11. – Those carried out for a Center, Center Curriculum Project, Stage and Cycle.

What is curricular adjustments now called?

Individualized Curricular Adaptations (ACI) Are all those adjustments or modifications that are made in the different elements of the educational proposal developed for a student in order to respond to their special educational needs (nee) and that can NOT be shared by the rest of the students. their …

What are curricular adaptations and what are they for?

A curricular adaptation is a type of educational strategy, generally aimed at students with special educational needs, which consists of adapting the curriculum of a certain educational level, with the aim of making certain objectives or content more accessible to a student or , …

What is the individual curricular adaptation plan?

The student’s Individual Curricular Adaptation Plan is constituted as an official document before the Ministry of Education and must accompany the student during his/her school career whenever required, providing relevant information for the decision-making of the different professionals (teachers and non-teachers). ..

What curricular adaptations should be made for children with hearing disabilities?

  • Develop language stimulation programs in early childhood education.
  • Use audiovisual materials, if possible with adapted auditory information (subtitles, translation into sign language).
  • Use specific auditory discrimination software (SEDEA, Play with Simón, etc.)

What is adaptation in education?

Accommodations are changes to the school that remove barriers and provide access to learning. Accommodations don’t change what your child is learning, but how she learns it. …That way she can learn history without her reading difficulties getting in the way.

Who is responsible for significant curricular adaptations?

The person responsible for the elaboration of the significant curricular adaptations will be the specialist teaching staff in special education, with the collaboration of the teaching staff of the area or subject in charge of teaching it and will have the advice of the guidance teams or departments.

What is adaptation and adaptation?

The adaptation is carried out with students with special educational needs, while the adequacy refers to changes on what was planned.

When is a significant curricular adaptation made?

A significant or individualized Curriculum adaptation is when the official curriculum is adapted, so that a student can meet their individual and special needs.

What are the curricular adaptations that are made for attention to diversity?

Four fundamental stages can be considered in the curricular adaptation process: initial psycho-pedagogical evaluation, identification of special educational needs, educational response and follow-up.

What is fitting a learning session?

Curriculum adaptation is the adaptation of teaching to learning; is to facilitate the student’s acquisition of knowledge according to their personal characteristics, both genetic and developmental, as well as the influence of their environment and the biological, emotional, intellectual conditions in a given…

What are reasonable adjustments and curricular adaptations?


Individualized curricular adjustments can be understood as a shared decision-making process aimed at adjusting and complementing the common curriculum to respond to children’s SEN and achieve their maximum personal and social development.

What are the access accommodations?

Access curricular adaptations: These are modifications or provision of spatial, material, personal or communication resources that will make it easier for some students with specific educational support needs to develop the ordinary curriculum, or where appropriate, the adapted curriculum.

What are the access adjustments?

Adaptation of Access: These are the modifications or provision of special, material or communication resources aimed at some students (especially those with motor, visual and auditory deficiencies) to facilitate access to the regular curriculum or, to the adapted curriculum, if necessary. the case.

How is a DIAC performed?

For the preparation of the DIAC, it is essential to have the initial diagnostic evaluation carried out by the teacher and the comprehensive psychopedagogical evaluation report, issued by the DECE team of the educational institution.