What are the types of logos?

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In the world of design and brand image there are four main types of logos: logotype, imagotype, isologo and isotype.

What are the 4 types of logos?

Currently we could classify logos into four different types: logotype, isotype, imagotype, and isologo.

  • I. Logos. A logo is merely a word written in a way that favors its pregnancy, that is memorable. …
  • II. Isotypes. …
  • III. Imagotypes. …
  • IV. Isologos.

What are the 5 types of logos?

Types of logos or existing logos

  • What is a logo or logo? …
  • Logo or Wordmark composed of words. …

  • Monogram or lettermark. …
  • Isotype or brand symbol. …
  • Imagotypes. …
  • Isologos. …
  • Emblems.

How many types of logo are there and what are they?

Now, knowing this we can say that there are 4 types of logos, named logos, imagotypes, isologos and isotypes, the latter divided into 6, monograms, anagrams, acronyms, initials, signatures and pictograms.

What is a logo and types of logos?

It is a graphic symbol that is used to define, differentiate and more easily recognize a brand, company, product or service. The logo is much more than a simple drawing, it is the resource that you will use to communicate to your audience the characteristics that make you more attractive and special than the rest.

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Logos are images, text, shapes or a combination of all three that represent the name and purpose of a business, to put it simply. However, a logo can and should be more than an identification symbol. If it is well designed, it also tells the story of a company.

Isotype: is the symbolic or iconic part of the graphic representation of a brand. That is, the ‘drawing’. It refers to when we represent the brand through a symbol, icon. When an isotype is used, it represents the brand and does not need more additions such as the name or some typeface.

It refers to the emblem of a company, brand or product that is made up solely of words, letters, numbers or symbols, but in which there is no added pictographic element (drawing or icon).

What is an isotype and examples?

What is an isotype? An isotype is a type of logo that represents a brand graphically, without including any letters or words. Isotype examples are Apple’s apple, Twitter’s blue bird or Volkswagen’s image.

What is a logo and example?

The logo is a graphic design that represents the corporate image and visual identity of a brand. … Logos are characterized by being the graphic design of the word or name of the company or organization. For example, we can find in the image the logos of: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Coca Cola and Yahoo!

What is a letterpress?


They are the acronyms of a few well-known companies with quite long names. So that their clients could remember and identify them more easily, they decided to shorten them and represent the company with a lettermark logo. A lettermark is a typography-based logo that is made up of acronyms.

What kind of logo is Coca Cola?

This is the era of the Arciform (arc-shaped), or ‘fish tail’ logo. The Arden Square logo is introduced. In a red box, the Coca-Cola typeface is underlined with a white “wave” or “dynamic stripe.” This is still used today.

What kind of logo is Claro?

While the original Claro logo was laconic enough, the current one is even more minimalist. In translation from Portuguese and Spanish, the word “Claro” means “bright”, “clear” and “of course”. At least the first two meanings fit perfectly with the company logo!

The logo is defined as a symbol made up of images or letters that serves to identify a company, brand, institution or society and the things that are related to them. The most important thing about a logo is that it be: LEGIBLE regardless of the size at which we use it.

When to use an isotype?

Isotype, also known as a symbol, in graphic design is an element used to identify a brand, be it an organization, a product, an event, a communication campaign or an ideological slogan. It is a graphic sign that does not include the name of the identified entity.

What are the isotypes like?

Isotype refers to those logos to identify brands, institutions, products or services that consist only of an icon and, therefore, do without any textual element. The word isotype comes from the initials of the English expression “International System of Typographic Picture Education”.

What are the types of isotypes?

Isotypes can be divided into the following categories:

  • Monogram. In fact, a monogram is made up of the initials or the individual letters that, when combined graphically, form a symbol. …
  • Anagram. …
  • Initials. …
  • Signature. …
  • Initial. …
  • Pictogram.

How is a company logo described?

A good logo should be simple and contain no superficial decorative elements. It is a graphic “identifier” of an abstract concept such as a brand. It is not an image or illustration that should describe every aspect of your business.

What is a company logo and what is it for?

Logos are a point of identification for your brand and are the symbol that customers use to recognize it. It separates you from the competition. Your brand logo is the means to convey your values ​​and show consumers why you are not like your competitors.

What is the difference between a logo and an isotype?

In short, a logo can be read, an isotype can be seen, but not read, since it is an image. On the other hand, imagotypes bring together, without mixing, text and image. Finally, we have the isologists that mix images and text, in such a way that it is impossible to separate them.

The isotype is the representation of a brand without the use of the name. The Starbucks mermaid, the Apple apple, the LaCoste crocodile, for example. This refers to the combination of the logo and the isotype. The imagotype is when the graphic elements are presented together with the text.

What is a logo and slogan isotype?

Isologo: It is the combination of a Logo with an Isotype, that is, it has both typography and icon; the text and the image are merged. Slogan is a short and concise phrase that supports and reinforces a brand, generally highlighting some characteristic or value of it.

Logo Features

The logo is intended to be the graphic representation of a company. It is used to publicize and identify the company or institution for a long period of time, in such a way that recipients associate the products or services offered by it with that company.

The logo is a graphic representation of your company and it must be synthesized in such a way that it is easily identified, without unnecessary information. Very elaborate logos, full of elements and effects, convey a sense of disorganization.

A logo —colloquially also called a logo— is a graphic sign that identifies a company, a commercial product, a project, or in general, any public or private entity.