What are the three pillars that support the protest in Colombia?

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The right to protest is also governed by three principles, which arise from axiological foundations of social protest such as: the principle of plurality, the principle of participation and the principle of legality.

What behaviors can be penalized in the protest in Colombia?

Vandalism: The one that, using a protest, demonstration or public mobilization, damages, attacks or destroys public or private property; threatens the physical integrity of members of the public force, will incur in prison from 6 to 8 years and a fine of 100 to 500 current legal monthly minimum wages.

What are the premises to manage a crisis in the midst of the protest?

Be clearly provided for in the law. Pursue a legitimate purpose. Be necessary, that is, there is no other less restrictive measure. Be proportional, that is, that the damage caused is not greater than that which is intended to be avoided.

What is happening in Colombia 2021?

The Colombia of 2021 is quite reminiscent of the Chile of 2019. Massive protests that grow every day. … A youth protest movement with no visible leaders. Violence and destruction at the hands of uncontrolled groups and harsh police repression.

Why are they marching in Colombia?

Colombians took to the streets for the first time on April 28 to protest a controversial tax reform introduced by President Iván Duque. … It was 9% before the pandemic began, according to Colombia’s National Department of Statistics, DANE.

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Why are they marching?

Thousands of Colombians marched against the tax reform project. Thousands of people went out to protest this Wednesday in various cities of Colombia. The demonstrations were called in rejection of a tax reform project by the government of President Iván Duque.

What are the causes of the protests in Colombia 2021?

Protests in Colombia of 2021

  • Mass demonstrations.
  • Work stoppage in some sectors.
  • Road blockade.
  • barricades.
  • Cyberactivism.
  • Vandalism.

What is happening in Colombia?

The protests and mobilizations that have been taking place in Colombia in recent days have resulted in a balance of dozens of dead citizens, the militarization of public space and cuts and internet blockades in cities like Cali.

What is the current situation in Colombia?

The Colombian economy has been the most stable in Latin America for decades: the one with the fewest recessions in the 20th century, the one that did not present hyperinflation and the one that did not default on its debt commitments in 80 years. But now the situation is different.

When does the tax reform come out in Colombia?

The President of Colombia, Iván Duque Márquez, sanctioned on September 14, 2021 the new tax reform, called the Social Investment Law, which was approved the previous week by the Congress of the Republic.

What is the right to protest?

The right to social protest has been understood as the set of fundamental rights of: 1) Association or peaceful assembly; 2) Freedom of expression, and 3) Strike and other related guarantees, in the execution of specific circumstances of time, manner and place.

What fundamental requirement must social protest meet to be legal?

The right to protest has two essential conditions: it must be peaceful and unarmed. Any violent action that is carried out within a demonstration can be sanctioned. 5. You have the right to protest publicly and peacefully, individually or collectively, and for as long as you deem necessary.

What are the constitutional articles that apply during the right to protest?

Article 2, numeral 12 of our Political Constitution, as well as article 15 of the American Convention on Human Rights and article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights recognize that everyone has the right to assemble peacefully and without weapons.

How long can a protest last?

Currently in Colombia there is no law that regulates the time that a social protest should last. The right to social protest is enshrined in the Colombian Political Constitution in article 37: “Any part of the people can meet and demonstrate publicly and peacefully.

How is vandalism punished in Colombia?

Currently, the penal code classifies vandalism as damage to someone else’s property, movable or immovable, and has a sentence between 16 months (one year and four months) and 90 months in prison (7 and a half years) and a sentence between 6.66 and 37.5 monthly legal minimum wages.

What is considered vandalism in Colombia?

In Colombia, the Penal Code typifies vandalism as damage to someone else’s property, movable or immovable, according to article 265. … In addition, the code states that if the damage caused does not exceed 10 minimum wages, the penalty may only be between 16 and 36 months (three years).

How is the economy in Colombia 2021?

The economy is projected to grow 7.7% in 2021 and decisively return to 2019 levels before the year is out. As the economy approaches its potential over the medium term, growth is projected to slow.

How is the economy in Colombia 2020?

Regarding the quarterly results, the Dane reported that in the last quarter of 2020 the Colombian economy contracted 3.6%, which represents a recovery of 12.2 percentage points compared to the revised data for the second quarter of 2020, which was of 15.8%, one of the strongest contractions in history…

What happened to Anonymous in Colombia?

national strike

The Anonymous account in Colombia, identified by the user @anonymousopcol on Twitter, was permanently suspended for “violating Twitter’s rules, specifically our policy on private information,” according to a spokesperson for the social network.

How many deaths are there in Colombia due to the protests?

The 35 days of protests in Colombia against the Government of Iván Duque have so far left 48 people dead, more than two thousand injured, more than three thousand complaints of police violence and human rights violations, and a hundred missing.

Why the strike on April 28?

The protest was promoted by labor unions, social sectors, politicians and ethnic groups who wanted to demonstrate on issues ranging from the tax reform presented by the National Government, through unemployment, massacres, crimes against leaders and human rights defenders, among others. .

What does the Constitution say about demonstrations?

In the Political Constitution of Colombia of 1991, article 37. Any part of the people can meet and demonstrate publicly and peacefully. Only the law may expressly establish the cases in which the exercise of this right may be limited.

What does the Political Constitution of Peru say about demonstrations?

You have the right to assemble peacefully without arms according to Article 2 number 12 of the Political Constitution of Peru and Article 15 of the American Convention on Human Rights. Peaceful protest is a right.

What are the limits of the right to protest?

The purpose of the protest is to draw the attention of authorities and public opinion to a certain situation. The right to peaceful demonstration has a static (assembly) and dynamic (mobilization) dimension. Limits: no violence, weapons or serious disturbances of public order.