What are the requirements for family reunification in Chile?

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Requirements for Residence Visas for Family Reunification

  • Visa Form filled out and duly completed by typewriter or in legible print. …
  • One (1) photograph size 4 X 5 cm, front and white background.
  • Original passport with a minimum validity of six (6) months.

How to bring my parents to Chile 2021?

Passport or valid National Identity Document, depending on the country of origin. Birth certificate or family book, in original, attaching three simple photocopies. Notarial Authorization of both parents, giving their consent for the departure of the minor, in original plus three simple photocopies.

How is family reunification requested in Chile?

Chilean legislation contemplates two alternatives so that foreigners living in the country can request family members such as spouses, children and parents. These are: The democratic responsibility visa and the temporary visa. Both visas have the same procedure almost entirely.

Where is the Family Reunification letter requested?

1. Take this letter to any notary for their signature. 2. You must indicate which is the CURRENT residence document that you have, whether it is a temporary residence visa or permanent residence.

How to do a Family Reunification?

To request it, the regrouped must provide:

Passport or travel document valid in Spain, valid for at least four months. Original documentation proving family ties. Medical certificate. A criminal record certificate from the country where you have resided for the last five years.

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How long does family reunification take?

The family reunification procedure generally takes about 6 months from start to finish. However, the total time will depend on many factors such as how long it takes for the immigration office to give you an appointment or how long it takes for the consulate to respond to the visa application.

What is family reunification?

A theoretical analysis of what is meant by Family Reunification is carried out, which in simple terms we can define as that right, based on the comprehensive protection of the family, that migrants have to enter, remain in the territory of a state and not be expelled from it.

Where to request the letter of invitation?

The individual who intends to obtain a letter of invitation in favor of a foreigner must address his request to the Police Station of his place of residence, which will be the competent authority for its processing and issuance.

What do I need to bring my mother to Chile?

Spouse, parents or children of foreign residents with permanent residence permit or temporary resident visa.

  1. Marriage or birth certificate, apostilled or legalized.
  2. Accredit economic solvency that allows you to reside in the country without constituting a social burden.

How to write an invitation letter to enter Chile?

How to make a letter of invitation to Chile?

  1. Date on which the letter is made.
  2. Indicate the relationship you have with the foreigner (if it is a family member, a friend, a partner, etc.)
  3. Names and surnames of the guest, as well as their passport data.
  4. Indicate the nationality of the guest.

How to bring my son to Chile?

Documentation that minors must carry to enter Chile:

  1. Passport or valid Identity Card.
  2. Birth Certificate or Family Book.
  3. Death Certificate, in case one of the parents is deceased, attaching three simple photocopies.

How to travel to Chile without a visa?

You must have the following precautions:

  1. Valid or expired passport, granted from the year 2013. …
  2. Color photograph, size 5×5 cm. …
  3. Prove economic solvency during your stay in Chile.
  4. Have an invitation letter or hotel reservation.

What is family reunification in Chile?

Family reunification is the right given to a foreigner who legally resides in Chile to: Bring his or her closest family nucleus, such as wife, legal partner and children, to live legally in our country for the sake of protecting the nucleus familiar.

How to bring my wife to Chile?

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  1. – Letter addressed to the Consul, indicating the reasons for settlement.
  2. – Criminal record.
  3. – Medical certificate.
  4. – Valid passport.
  5. – Recent photo.
  6. – Passport and visa of the person originating the visa.
  7. – Birth certificate.
  8. – Marriage certificate.

What is needed to leave Peru to Chile?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tourists to enter Chile, all passengers, must be checked by the International Police presenting their identification documents (either identity card or passport) and stamped visa (depending on the country of origin).

How to invite a Cuban to Chile?

Letter of invitation legalized before a notary, where the inviter specifies his contact information, sets out the reasons for the invitation and a link with the applicant. With issue date less than 3 months.

How much does a letter of invitation cost?

The fees that must be paid to obtain the letter of invitation for Spain are as follows: Presentation of application (73.57 euros). Issuance of the document (6.42 euros). Certified (1.07 euros per certified).

How long does it take to process a letter of invitation?

In general, it takes between 10 days and 2 months to get the invitation letter for a foreigner who wants to visit Spain. Although this period can vary a lot, our recommendation is to start the process at least 1 or 2 months in advance.

How long does it take for the letter of invitation from the Treasury to arrive?

In general, it usually does not take more than 20 days from when the request is initiated. Although the Law does not say anything specific about it, the letter of invitation normally does not take more than 20 days to arrive.

What is family reunification and in what cases can it be done?

Family reunification brings together members of the same family who are living in different countries. … This refugee can request to join his family in that country.

How much does family reunification cost in Argentina?

That is: mother, father, son, brother or spouse. These people can choose to carry out a family reunification procedure before the consulate where they are located (which enables permanent residence) and has a cost of between 550 (Mercosur) and 850 dollars (extra Mercosur).

How much does the 2020 family visa cost?

We share a simple guide if you are looking to process your American Visa this 2020. Luckily, its cost remains identical to that of 2019, that is, 160 dollars (3 thousand 40 pesos if we consider an average of 19 pesos per dollar).

Who are the immediate relatives?

An employee’s spouse, child (male or female), and parents are immediate family members for FMLA purposes. The term “father” does not include “stepfather”.

What does a Haitian need to travel to Chile 2021?

Requirements for Haitian citizens who want to travel to Chile

  • Valid passport for the period of stay.
  • Background Certificate (legalized) valid for 90 days.
  • Hotel Reservation or Invitation Letter.
  • Accreditation of Economic Solvency.
  • Copy of purchased tickets (round trip)

How to bring my son from Haiti to Chile?

All applicants must submit the following documentation, provided by the Haitian citizen residing in Chile:

  1. Request letter for family reunification, notarized. …
  2. Notarized copy of the temporary residence (valid for at least six months) or of the certificate of permanent residence.