What are the percentages of the household social registry?

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Between the brackets of 40% to 70% of the CSE it is possible to group those households with lower income and greater vulnerability; meanwhile, between the 80% and 100% brackets are the households with higher incomes and less vulnerability.

How is the percentage of the social protection tab measured?

The score is calculated with a formula “based on the information provided by each family at the time of being surveyed”, such as the number of members, age, income, educational level, etc., as indicated in Chile Atiende.

What does it mean that it is the 40% most vulnerable?

If you belong to the most vulnerable 40% of the population, for the next three months you can postpone the payment of the water bill (for households that do not use more than 10 cubic meters per month).

How much do I have to earn to be in the 40 most vulnerable?

According to the RSH report as of March, only the most vulnerable 40% households are below the poverty line: they record $195,000 per household and $80,000 per capita on average.

How does the new Social Registry of households work?

The Social Register of Households contains information declared by households supplemented with data extracted from State databases. The information declared by households corresponds to domicile; household members; academic background; health, housing and occupation and income, among others.

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How do I know which section I belong to?

To find out what my qualifying section is and that of my family, the query must be made through the website www.registrosocial.gob.cl. To enter, a Unique Key or simply the RUT and identity card number is required.

How does the social protection card work?

The Social Protection Sheet is the State instrument that aims to identify and prioritize the population subject to social benefits, considering the vulnerability or risk of being or falling into a situation of poverty.

What is my socioeconomic level?

To review the socioeconomic rating of each household, it can be done on the page of the Social Registry of Households: http://www.registrosocial.gob.cl/. Then ‘Go to my registry’ and you can enter with the Unique Key or only with the Rut, date of birth and serial number of the identity card.

How do I know if I belong to the 80 most vulnerable?

How to know the section of the RSH? Any member of the family group that is included in this registry and who is of legal age can find out their socioeconomic situation by accessing the website www.registrosocial.gob.cl.

How long does it take to make the social registry of households?

The Social Household Registry updates its database once a month. If the municipality or ChileAtiende approves the request until the cut-off date (generally between the 22nd and 25th of each month), the Registry will be valid on the first business day of the following month.

How is the percentage of vulnerability calculated?

This indicator is calculated by dividing the effective income of each family by its index of needs.

What does it mean to be between 71 and 80 vulnerability?

This section groups households classified in the 40% with the lowest income. … Then there are the most affluent: the fifth (80), which ranges from 71% to 80% of higher income or less vulnerability; the sixth (90), from 81% to 90%, and the seventh (100), which ranges from 91% to 100%.

What is the Social Registry of households?

The Social Registry of Households is an information system whose purpose is to support the selection processes of beneficiaries of a wide range of subsidies and social programs.

How do I know what my quintile is?

To calculate it, add all the income (salaries) of those who make up the family group and divide by the number of members. For example, if in a family of four, only the father works, that salary must be divided into four and the result (per capita) determines in which quintile the applicant is.

What is income bracket?

The Socioeconomic Qualification brackets group households with similar effective income and characteristics according to their level of income or vulnerability.

How to update Social Protection File online?

1. Online

  1. Gather the required documents.
  2. You click on “go to the online procedure” on the Social Household Registry website.
  3. Once on the website, you click on “access”.
  4. Write your Run and Unique Password, and click on “authenticate”. …
  5. You click on “my requests” and then on “form update”.

How long does it take to approve the social protection card?

The undersecretary explains that the process in the vast majority of cases takes a maximum of one month, with the exception of more complex cases, such as those where there are minors without their parents.

How long does the socioeconomic qualification take?

Normally, this process takes time to be corroborated, so you will know your socioeconomic rating in the RSH within 30 business days.

What is the Covid 2021 bonus?

$50,000 will be awarded per family. Households of the 60% most vulnerable, according to the Social Registry of Households (RSH). Without formal income from work or pension, and without benefits such as the Family Allowance. These homes must have been in that condition as of April 1.

What does 40 mean in the social registry of households?

Between the brackets of 40% to 70% of the CSE it is possible to group those households with lower income and greater vulnerability; meanwhile, between the 80% and 100% brackets are the households with higher incomes and less vulnerability.

How to get some benefit from the government?

What are the benefits and services available?

  • Bonuses and subsidies (IFE, Bono COVID, subsidies for employment, housing, etc.)
  • Information on the Coronavirus Action Plan.
  • Scholarships and credits for Higher Education.

How much do I have to earn to be in the 90 most vulnerable?

Later, at a press point in Congress, he reiterated that “if a family is in a vulnerability percentage of less than 90% (according to the RSH), even if they have $800,000 liquid per capita, they will still receive the benefit.