How was the movement of the two balls?

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1R=/ The motion of the two balls is uniformly varied rectilinear motion in both experiments the motion is rectilinear. The body with less mass came last slow to fall. 3R=/In the water they arrived at the same time since the heaviest light their weight.

How is the movement of the sheets of paper?

The wrinkled sheet falls faster than the other. Air opposes motion: its constituent invisible particles, which are gas molecules, collide with moving objects. These shocks cause air resistance to the movement of the sheets of paper.

Why do two objects fall at the same time?

Galilei showed that objects fall at the same time regardless of their weight, it is a matter of their resistance to the air that arrives or not before.

What did Galileo Galilei demonstrate regarding falling bodies?

Galileo dropped two objects of different weight and showed that they fell at the same time. … Galileo used for this experiment a water clock, clepsydra. In Galilei’s theory he explains that if two bodies of different weight fell from a vacuum where there is no air, they would both fall at the same time.

How to perform a free fall experiment?

1. Fill both glasses with water. 2. Ask your helper to drop the two balls of clay at the same time and from the same height into the two cups, while you watch the movement of the drop to the bottom of the cup and record the time and your observations on the chart. answers paper.

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What are the factors that influence free fall?

The elements involved in the free fall of bodies are: distance, acceleration, time, velocity, initial velocity, acceleration due to gravity, height.

What did Galileo prove?

His achievements include improvements to the telescope, a wide variety of astronomical observations, the first law of motion, and strong support for the “Copernicus Revolution.” He has been regarded as the “father of modern astronomy”, the “father of modern physics” and the “father of science”.

Who was Galileo Galilei and what was his contribution to the fall of bodies?

His analysis of Aristotelian physics allowed him to demonstrate the falsity of the postulate according to which the acceleration of the fall of bodies, in free fall, was proportional to their weight, and he conjectured that in a vacuum all bodies fall with….

What is the experiment that Galileo Galilei performed to demonstrate the free fall of bodies?

Galileo challenged Aristotelian physics through a thought experiment: two bodies of the same material and of different sizes, falling together, form one larger than either of them separately. They would even fall faster than the heavy body alone.

Why do a feather and a hammer fall at the same time?

Because they were essentially in a vacuum, there was no air resistance and the plume fell at the same rate as the hammer. As Galileo had concluded, all objects thrown together fall at the same speed regardless of mass.

What falls first a sheet of paper or a book?

A: The book falls faster than the page, since it offers more weight and because of the air that influences it. What would happen if we dropped two equal sheets of paper, but one of them compressed?

What falls first a feather or a stone and why?

Aristotle claimed that heavy objects fall faster than light objects. So I demonstrate it by dropping a rock and a feather at the same time. The feather because of how it is constituted is to have resistance in the air so it would take time to fall.

What activities or games can you do with a leaf?

The best games with pencil and paper to do with children

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Which of the two sheets of paper reached the floor first?

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In the first place, if we drop the book and the sheet of paper at the same time, we will verify that the first one reaches the ground before the second one. This can lead us to think that the book has a greater mass than the paper and therefore falls faster.

What were the main contributions of Galileo?

This meant that, at the age of 25, he won a position as professor of mathematics at the University of Pisa itself. Some time later, in 1592, Galileo moved to Padua and began working as a professor of astronomy, mechanics and geometry at the university in that same city.

What happened to Galileo Galilei?

Despite abjuring, he entered prison and ended up spending his last days under house arrest until his death in 1642. It took more than 350 years after his death for Pope John Paul II to rehabilitate Galileo in 1992 and ask for forgiveness by the condemnation of the Inquisition.

What is Galileo’s law?

Galileo established that all bodies fall in a vacuum with the same acceleration. The law that governs the path traveled by bodies is the law of gravity that was to be proposed by Newton a few years later.

What influences the fall of bodies?

All falling bodies suffer the same acceleration (9.8 m/s^2), therefore, they fall at the same speed (see the formula in the first information). What DOES matter is the shape of the object.

What is free fall examples?

Free fall exists when a body is released from a height X, with an initial velocity of zero, and during the fall it acquires acceleration due to the force of gravity. The constant is the value of acceleration due to gravity (g) which is g=981cm/s2 or g=9.81m/s2. …

What are the formulas for free fall and vertical throw?

The acceleration is the same throughout the motion. The speed increases by 9.8m/sec, every second. The height (h) or space covered, increases every second in a proportion given by the formula h=gt two/two.

What is free fall for children?

Motion due solely to the influence of gravity is called free fall. In free fall, air resistance is not taken into account. All bodies with this type of movement have an acceleration directed downwards whose value depends on where they are.

How do bodies fall for children?

The bodies fall to the ground attracted by the Earth, through the force of gravity. We call this force “weight”.