How was the death of Enrique Camarena?

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Enrique “Kiki” S. Camarena Salazar was an undercover DEA agent, Mexican by birth and American by naturalization.

What is the name of the Caro Quintero series?

In the television series produced by Netflix, Narcos: Mexico, he is played by actor Tenoch Huerta.

Who is Armando Pavón?

The former commander of the Federal Judicial Police Armando Pavón Reyes, accused of the death of the American agent Enrique Camarena Salazar, which occurred in 1985, died last Saturday due to a heart attack, at his home in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Who are the Naranjo in the narcos series?

Gaston Velandia is General Rosso José Serrano. Luis Fernando Hoyos is Colonel Lino Pinzón Naranjo. Juan Carlos Arango is General Ariza.

Who is Rubén Zuno Arce’s uncle?

Jose Guadalupe Zuno – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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What happened in Lope de Vega 881?

Once Camarena was kidnapped, they took him to a house at 881 Lope de Vega Street in Guadalajara, owned by Mexican businessman Rubén Zuno Arce, who died in 2012 in a Florida prison while serving his sentence as a co-defendant in the Camarena case.

What happened to Felix Gallardo?

Félix Gallardo, founder of the Guadalajara cartel, was sentenced in 2017 to 37 years in prison for the murder in 1985 of agent Enrique Camarena, of the US drug enforcement agency (DEA), although he had been in preventive detention since 1989.

Where do they catch Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo?

He was imprisoned in the Altiplano high security prison, in Almoloya de Juárez, State of Mexico.

How did Galeano and Moncada die?

When Pablo Escobar was detained in the prison of La Catedral, the brothers Gerardo Moncada and Fernando Galeano died on July 3 or 4, 1992, and Diego Fernando Murillo “Alias ​​Don Berna” and Rafael Galeano lucky that Mario Galeano and William Moncada did not count…

Who is Zuno Arce’s nephew?

Echevarría Zuno, was also the nephew of Rubén Zuno Arce who was identified as a partner of the Sinaloan drug traffickers Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, Rafael Caro Quintero and Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo. It was pointed out that he had even used conasupo planes for marijuana trafficking.

Who killed Fernando Galeano Berrío?

Diego Fernando Murillo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Who killed Kiko in Pablo Escobar?

Dandeny Muñoz Mosquera – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What happened to the Cali Cartel after the death of Pablo Escobar?

With the death of Escobar in 1993, what remained of the Medellín Cartel disintegrated, which caused the Cali Cartel to keep 80% of the distribution of cocaine worldwide.

What happened to Félix Gallardo’s first wife?

They beheaded his wife and threw his children off a bridge: the bloody story of “Güero” Palma.

When does Narcos Mexico Season 3 come out?

One of the great Netflix releases this month is the third and final season of Narcos: Mexico, with the 10 episodes available on the platform starting this Friday, November 5.