How to make an increase in obligations in the sat?

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Go to the Procedures section and from the top bar choose the RFC option. From the update section, select the option: increase and decrease in obligations. Fill in the data requested by the electronic form and sign the procedure with your e. signature.

How to change the tax regime?

Select the Person modality, followed by the “RFC Procedures” section. Expand the “Update in the RFC” menu and click on the option “Submit the update notice of economic activities and tax obligations as a natural person”. Click on “Start” and log in with your RFC and password.

How to register the obligation of wages and salaries?

Enter the SAT portal and select the procedure “Submit the update notice of economic activities and obligations”, there you can register in the professional activity regimen, do not forget to select the wages and salaries regimen so that it is not unsubscribed and have both schemes registered.

How to ensure before the SAT that your economic activity is correct?

Within the “Description of the Service” section, you must indicate the following information:

  1. Procedure: Select the option “INCOME THROUGH THE PLATFORM”.
  2. Subject: Indicate “Notice of updating economic activities and tax obligations”.
  3. Description: According to your particular situation, you must indicate the following:

What is needed to update the RFC?

  1. Enter the SAT Portal.
  2. Select the Person modality, the “RFC Procedures” section, expand the “RFC Update” menu, then click on the option “Submit your notice of resumption of activities as a natural person”, click on the start and enter with RFC and password.
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How to update data in SAT online?

  1. Enter with your RFC and password.
  2. Select Online Services.
  3. Select Services or Requests.
  4. Select Request.
  5. Identify your procedure.
  6. Fill in the form with the information requested.
  7. Attach the files.
  8. Submit the information.

How to update my RFC without password?

– Enter the SAT page, look for the “Services” option and select “Reprint of RFC acknowledgments”, then you can choose the option “I forgot my password” for the recovery process.

What tax regime suits me for Uber 2021?

Information you should know.

As of January 1, 2021, as a result of the Tax Reform approved by the Congress of the Union at the end of October 2020, Uber Eats will be required to make ISR withholdings applying the new single withholding rates.

What economic activities are there in the SAT?


What is the tax regime for Uber?

Each company must deliver to the SAT the ISR money that was withheld from the food delivery person or Uber driver. The withholding of Value Added Tax (VAT) did not undergo any modification, for which a rate of 8% will continue to be applied, that is, it remained the same as in the same terms of 2020.

How to obtain proof of salaries and wages from the SAT?

  1. Enter the My portal application with your RFC and password.
  2. Hit the Sign In button.
  3. Fill in the information requested by the electronic form, indicating the period of proof of declarations and payments.
  4. Send your procedure to the SAT and print and keep the electronic acknowledgment of receipt.

How to register a new obligation?

  1. Go to the Procedures section and from the top bar choose the RFC option.
  2. From the update section, select the option: increase and decrease in obligations.
  3. Fill in the data requested by the electronic form and sign the procedure with your e.

When can you change tax regime?

Companies can request a change of tax regime in January of each year, when making the first declaration and payment on account of the Income Tax (IR).

How to update the RFC with homokey?

Correction and update of data

  1. For RFC and homoclave, the client is required to send the document issued by the SAT in which the RFC with homoclave appears.
  2. If you want to change your address, you need to send proof of address, which must be in the name of the individual account holder.

What is preponderant activity examples?

Preponderant Activity in Mexico

Definition of Preponderant Activity in the context of Mexican Tax Law: It is the activity by which a taxpayer obtains the largest amount of their income during a fiscal year.

What is the tax regime of a natural person?

According to the Fiscal Code of the Federation, in the case of natural persons, there are five regimes, such as:

  • Salaried regime.
  • Regime of professional activities.
  • Real estate lease regime.
  • Business activity regime.
  • Tax incorporation regime.

What are the professional activities?

Professional activities are those carried out by a natural person individually and directly. Who practices it has training and a title that accredits him as a professional, is qualified to carry out said activity, even belonging to professional associations.

How much does an Uber accountant charge?

Drivers hired by UberX, the low-cost service of the app, receive between 9 and 12 thousand pesos per month, an amount up to 43% higher than the average monthly salary of a psychologist, dentist and accountant, which is 8 thousand 391 pesos. 9 thousand 403 pesos and 10 thousand 212, respectively.

How to get the digital stamps from the SAT for Uber?

  1. Download the “Certifica” application from and generate your CSD in the same application.
  2. Validate your CSD at and download your CSD .cer and .key files.
  3. Keep the password of your e.signature and your Digital Seal Certificate (CSD) in a safe place

How to see my RFC if I already have it?

How to know my RFC if I already have

We share a couple of pages where you can also consult it with homoclave:

How to get my password for the SAT online 2021?

You just have to access the SAT ID web portal and follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the requirements button to validate the required information.
  2. Select the password generation procedure.
  3. Click on the start button.
  4. Review the terms and conditions and click next.

How to obtain a copy of my RFC?

To print your RCF you must enter the SAT website and go to the RFC Procedures option, where among all the options you must click on Get your tax identification card. The next step will be to enter with your password or e. current signature.

How to update RTU online 2021?

Steps for RTU data update online

  1. Enter the virtual agency from the SAT portal.
  2. Select the “RTU” option and then “Data update”.
  3. Automatically, a form will appear which you have to fill in the corresponding data.
  4. Confirm the modification and send the request.

How to register my email in the SAT natural person?

How to register your mail in the SAT?

  1. – Access the official page of the SAT through this link.
  2. – Once the page is displayed, you should look for the “Tax Mailbox” button, located on the upper right side of the screen.

How can I access my SAT account?

To enter your portal, follow two easy steps:

  1. Write your Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) including the homoclave. For natural persons, it is made up of 13 positions and for legal persons, 12.
  2. Enter your Password in the Password field.