How to cancel scheduled recordings on Vodafone TV?

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From the main menu / My TV, under the “Recommendations for you” section, you have access to all your recordings. on this option you will have access to: Record in Series. Delete the recording.

How much can be recorded on Vodafone TV?

In this case you can record Vodafone TV on up to 3 channels at the same time and you will not be able to record platforms such as HBO or Netflix. To see what you have recorded, access the Main Menu, then My recordings and View recordings, there you can also delete those that you no longer want to save.

How to get out of Vodafone kids mode?

To exit ‘Kids Mode’, it will be necessary to enter the security PIN. Similarly, it is possible to configure a parental control PIN on the decoder to block access to content recommended for an age range higher than that established or the viewing of a specific channel.

How to change the audio options on Vodafone TV?

Fiber Control

and in the options that appear right next to the subtitle option, you have a balloon or cartoon bubble symbol that is from where you can change the audio. I inform you that not all channels have the option to change the language.

How to see the last 7 days on Vodafone?

How to activate Last 7 days on Vodafone?

  1. Access the Vodafone TV menu.
  2. Click on Video on demand.
  3. Access the last 7 days.
  4. Accept all conditions.
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How to watch the last 7 days on TiVo?

Finally, to activate the last 7 days service, we will take the TiVo remote and navigate to Menu > Video on demand > Last 7 days. Once selected, we will have to go through the general conditions screens and accept them in the last step. From here we can make use of the service.

How to see the programming of the last 7 days in Movistar?

If you want to check whether or not you have the U7D option, you will have to access the Movistar+ menu by pressing the blue button on your remote and selecting the recordings tab. Within the menu, you will have to click on Last 7 days and then the OK button on the content you want to see.

How to connect the Vodafone decoder?

You can connect it in 2 ways: 1) By ethernet cable, connecting the decoder with the router. 2) By Vodafone Fiber cable, connecting it and screwing it into the input. Connect your TV to the cable box with the HDMI cable. Plug in the power cord and press the indicated button on the remote control.

How to connect mobile to Vodafone TV?

Connect the television and your device to the same WiFi network. Open the Vodafone TV Online app on your device and check that both devices are connected to the network. Look for the chromecast icon at the top of your app. Click on the icon to start sending the content to the television.

How do you put the subtitles on a Vodafone remote?

You can configure whether to show subtitles by default from the Settings > Settings > User preferences menu, and the default language for audio from Settings > Audio and video settings.

How to get out of child mode?

Tap Uninstall/Disable apps and find the Kids Mode app. 7. Click on it and select Uninstall. (These steps may differ slightly depending on the device model.)

How does Vodafone Kids work?

To access Kids Mode, follow these steps:

  • Enter from the top of the main menu, from the Vodafone TV Kids App (from the Apps menu on the decoder) or from the yellow button on the remote control, and enter the parental pin.
  • Create the profile. …
  • Enter the parental pin.

What is Kids Planet Vodafone?

Kids Planet is an exclusive service for Vodafone customers that allows access, through the Kids Planet App, to thousands of educational content for children (games, videos, music, etc.) and personalize it by age (from 3 to 12 years old). , creating a profile for each child in just 30 seconds.

How to record in the Vodafone TV App?

To record one of your favorite programs, series or content, you just have to press the REC button on your remote. You can do it when you are in the programming guide and you have selected the program to record or with the program or series itself on the screen.

What is the Vodafone TiVo?

TiVo is the smart decoder that Vodafone offers to its Vodafone TV customers. This device allows you to view content in high definition (the latest version is compatible with 4K), and stands out for offering you the possibility of controlling the live broadcast, as well as allowing you to record the content.

How to install Vodafone TV App on Samsung smart TV?

Install the Vodafone TV App on your smart TV through its app store: Samsung Smart TV. Access the main menu “SMART HUB”, enter “Samsung Apps” and select the Vodafone TV App to install it.

How to install Vodafone TV on smart TV?

Download the Vodafone TV App on your smart TV and other devices. Access the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) application store in the case of mobile phones and tablets, and, for your smart TV, from the corresponding application store depending on the brand, search for “Vodafone TV” and click on “Download”.

How to mirror Vodafone TV screen?

Android is the most versatile operating system to send content to any television. Most Smart TVs launched in the last five years have Wi-Fi and smart features, making them compatible with mirroring natively, and even with Chromecast.

What decoder does Vodafone install?

The TiVo HD decoder. TiVo 4K decoder, the one currently used by Vodafone.

How to reset the Vodafone decoder?

Restarting the Vodafone decoder is the equivalent of unplugging it and plugging it back in: Turn off your 4K decoder with your Vodafone TV remote and unplug its power cable from the mains. Then plug it back in and turn it on with your remote.

How to update Vodafone decoder?

Access the main menu of your Android TV device and select the Play Store application. Search for the “Vodafone TV” application. Select the “install/update” option.

Where can I see the Movistar programming?

If you are not at home, in the Movistar+ app and on from any web browser you can also check the Movistar+ programming in the Guide section of the contracted channels in your offer available on devices.

How to watch a program from the beginning on Movistar?

Movistar+ takes you to the start of any content just by using your remote. You just have to press the yellow button on the Movistar+ remote and the content that is already broadcast, or any content on demand, will start from the beginning. So fast, so easy. , and start watching it from the beginning.

How to watch it recorded on Movistar+ TV?

In the ‘TV a la Carte’ section of the Movistar TV Main Menu you will find the Recordings section, from which you can access both the subscription to the service and, if applicable, your recordings.

How to watch Vodafone TV on PC?

Go to the app store for your TV model and download the app. On PC and Mac. Access through and log in with your Vodafone TV credentials. You do not need to download the Vodafone TV App.